Tourist Attraction: Brisbane Museum to open display allowing you to experience authentic Australian teenage culture, hiding under your bed while your parents fight.

Brisbane teens, get ready to have your story told at a Museum near you. The exhibit will establish five different displays, with one of them being interactive.

Dustin Simmons, project manager for the Museum, developed the concept plan which involved the questioning of 250+ teenagers between the ages of 13 – 17. The question: what best reflects the home and social pressures of your adolescence? The answer was unanimous:
Pretending Dad didn’t drink a bottle of Bundy before telling me to go to my room.

The youth of today are largely ignored and frightened by their parents and caretakers. After an exhaustive five-year survey, involving hundreds of little men and women local to South-East Queensland, we have finally captured this feeling. We cannot wait to sell this experience to tourists and others who have nothing to do and found themselves going to the Brisbane Museum.

Dustin Simmons

Though different in content, each display shows the consecutive format of Brisbane’s favourite pastime. They include:

  • Rum Rage (Sponsored by Bundaberg Red Label)
  • Our Neighbour Ron is calling the Cops
  • Counting Sheep to the cadence of Dad’s slaps
  • ACAB

The last display is an interactive singalong that is recommended for all ages:

  • A Sailor Went To Sea, My Father went to Prison

Brisbane is well known for its amazing climate, beautiful beaches and the birthplace of The Veronicas. Now, thanks to the hard work of Dustin Simmons, it will be known for its domestic abuse and uncomfortable exhibits.

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